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Fontana Recap

I've got a few minutes today. These recaps are not going to be a regular feature, but whenever I get some time I'll do what I can.


Practice at Fontana went pretty well. Weather was good through the weekend, maybe a bit warm. The HostGator Chevy was quick when we unloaded, but we did need to change shocks and make a few adjustments to get the speed up. We were able to qualify the #87 Toyota in Cup, but there is still some speed out there that we need to find.


The Nationwide race started out pretty well. We were running pretty good, but got caught a lap down after the first caution. Then the cautions started going our way, as we were able to stay out and get back on the lead lap. As the race was winding down, we were racing pretty good, but on one of our pit stops the guys noticed some oil on one of the wheels that came off the car. Fortunately after that we had a few caution laps and were able to get in the pits and get it taken care of - thanks to my guys for that! And when do cautions ever work out right for us? But now we were last car on the lead lap with only a few to go. Then thanks to how the car was running, some incidents in front of us, and being able to turn some pretty good lap times, we were able to move up through the lead lap cars and finish with a strong 14th.


Now we gear up towards staying near home for a busy week with testing sessions on Wednesday and Cup qualifying Thursday.