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NEMCO / HostGator Hats Available

I hope all of you are having a great Holiday Season!


Things have been a bit more relaxed around the shop, but there is still alot of work getting done.


To show your support and thanks to HostGator for all they've done and to keep them coming back, we've got these HostGator hats that you can buy and wear around town. The more we can spread the word about HostGator, and the more that we all use their services, the happier we'll all be.


You can find these hats in the store on the NEMCO website - just follow this link. Then you'll be able to wear the same hats that we do at the shop and at the track. We've got free shipping on these hats, but we don't have many of them, so get them while you can.


Remember to use HostGator whenever you can. Just click that link on the right to see what they have to offer.


Here's hoping you all have a great New Year!