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Which Series to Take Points In?

Hope you are all having a great winter so far.  We're having a great off season, staying busy, dealing with some interesting weather, but getting some work done along the way.


Many have been asking about which series I am going to elect to take my championship points in.  In case you haven't heard, NASCAR is requiring every driver to select which series they want to accumulate championship points for (see article here).  It seems like it could be both a good and a bad thing, but I understand why NASCAR is doing it. The good news for Nationwide and Camping World Truck drivers is that one of the fulltime drivers in the series is going to win the championship.  The bad deal is for the drivers doing more than one series; with the expense of running these races, lower winnings, and no championship award, it might not be as popular for drivers to run races in more than one series.



I haven't yet made a decision as to which series I want my points applied to.  I ran the full Nationwide series last year and finished 20th in points, even running some races without sponsorship, so I am looking hard at going with Nationwide points and still running Sprint Cup but not competing for the Sprint Cup championship. But with everything being more expensive this year in the Nationwide series, from engines to all new cars to transmissions to everything else, and the winnings being cut like they are, it will be really hard to run without a full time sponsor.




The other thing that I struggle with is that if I do select Nationwide and I am approached by a sponsor that wants us to compete in Sprint Cup for the championship, we won't be able to do it, as from what I know now you can't change your choice once you've made it.  So I hesitate to make the decision until we know more about what our sponsorships will look like this year.


So for now we are still building cars and getting ready for Speedweeks, and I'll let you know my decision on which series I'll take my points in when I make it.