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Goin' Back to Cali

Well, traveling across the country always proves to be a bit of experience; especially for our haulers.


Last year, we had a tractor break down and had to rely on a backup that was supplied by another race team.  This year we again had troubles, and we were on the phone with that same race team.  Things were looking bad for our tractor, and I could feel the mounting repair costs getting bigger and bigger.  Then we were able to get the tractor looked at, and get it hooked up to a computer.  After a few minutes of analysis, they found that there was one bad part, which happened to be in stock in a local warehouse.  So we called off the backup, and two hours later we were back on the road.


But the excitement didn't end there, as the tractor continued to have trouble along the way.  We didn't have to stop, but kept getting indicator lights as it went down the road.  Everybody on the team was relieved when the haulers hit California late Wednesday.


We do keep our haulers maintained, but we put a lot of miles on them, and things break once in a while.  It just seems like those things always break on the way out West.


But here we are, with Kevin Conway driving the #87 Nationwide ExtenZe Toyota for us, while I take the #97 Chevy for Nationwide and the #87 Toyota for Sprint Cup.  Kevin has got info on the Jack Daniel Phillips missing person case on the car, and we're all hoping this might help the case.  We're all looking forward to a good weekend, as long as the rains stay away.


Thanks for your support and the continued support of our sponsors!