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All the way out to Michigan, I felt myself thinking as much about the upcoming weeks and Daytona as I was thinking about Michigan.


You see, after we get back from Michigan, we have a short amount of time before the Cup hauler needs to leave for Sonoma - Tuesday to be exact.  With the hauler leaving Michigan on Sunday night, there is not alot of time to turn it around.  Then I'll be in Sonoma for the race weekend, and Kevin will man the Nationwide ship at Road America.


Then when we reunite at the shop the next week, we only have a short amount of time to turn around both haulers for Daytona.  We are planning on running both Kevin and I, so we'll hopefully be able to work together in the draft.


After that comes Kentucky and Loudon, then Cup gets a week off and we catch our breath.


Sprinkled in with this, we'll continue to work on cars and meet with potential sponsors, and mixed in I'll try to get time to spend at the track with John Hunter (who has been doing well as of late).


But I still love my job!