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A Blank Hood on the Car, and Failing to Qualify

California was a long trip out, and a long trip back, all for a shortened weekend.


As we do most weekends, we went out to the track with 2 haulers - one with a Sprint Cup primary and backup, the other with the Nationwide primary and backup. The journey was about 4800 miles round trip - some pretty good wear and tear on the equipment.


When we left for California, the Nationwide cars had AM FM Energy decals on them. We certainly appreciate what AM FM Energy has done for us over the years.  But the Sprint Cup car was not sponsored, and had a prominently bare hood and rear quarter panels. For some reason, it was very noticeable this weekend. Too noticeable.


During practice, we had issues finding speed. Could not get the balance right, and struggled with not having enough horsepower to accelerate into those long Fontana straightaways. We had a setup that should have worked, but without testing and without being able to do car simulations like other teams, we were left to trying to figure out what might be wrong with a bit of trial and error. We've done this before, with quite a lot of success up until this point, but as the parts get older and the other teams start catching up, the room for error keeps getting smaller.


We have plans to continue to make performance a bit better each weekend, but the big piece that is missing is sponsorship. With a multi-race or a full year sponsor, we would be able to update our parts inventory, do a bit of testing, and make a huge leap in performance. While we are extremely thankful for the sponsors that we currently have, we are always in search of that larger deal or a steady flow of smaller deals that will take our performance to the next level.


Sponsorship at any level helps, and we could go a long way with a collection of smaller sponsors. A large sponsor could certainly get us there faster.  And any size sponsor benefits from getting their name out on this big stage. So if your company can benefit from more customers seeing your company's name, fill out this form or drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll see if there's a fit. In the mean time, thanks for your continued support!