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"Alaska Connection" Car Brought to Phoenix

What do Alaska and Arizona have in common?


1. Both state names start with an "A"

2. Both states have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country

3. This week we brought an Alaskan-sponsored Nationwide car to Arizona


We had 2 Alaska-based companies on the car this weekend - Sasquatch Alaska Adventure Co. and AC General Contractor Inc.


Sasquatch Alaska Adventure Company, an Alaska tour and wildlife encounter group, is a first time sponsor, coming aboard the Nationwide Toyota to tap into a new market, the “snowbirds” gone south. They provide airplane tours and camping tours of Alaska that allow you to encounter the landscape and wildlife in a way you will never forget. The company serves Alaska up in the “up close and personal” way.  Learn more about their tour packages by clicking here.




AC General was first with us in Bristol earlier in the year.  The Alaskan-based company specializes in the construction of ring wall foundation systems for above-ground fuel storage tanks.  The company is known for its experienced, composite crews that service projects throughout the United States.  AC General crews are particularly skilled in project coordination and forward-thinking logistics for sites and areas that are challenging to access.  Find out more about what they have to offer by clicking here.


Please join me in thanking these sponsors (who came an awfully long way to sponsor!)  And if you can benefit from using their services please contact them, and tell them Joe sent ya!